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iXimix Web v2.0

Written by Administrator.

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Welcome to the latest incarnation of the iXimix website. I thought it was time to put a bit of effort into the overall structure and vision for site to reflect the recent amount of visits and interest in our products. Since we launched mid April 2011, just 2 months ago we have had over 20000 unique visitors, which I think is just fantastic. So, I felt it time to bring everyone together under the guise of a small community.

So, here it is. From now on, all user downloads (mapping files ect) will be exclusively available to registered members, as is participation in the forums. Therefore, if you've purchased one of our applications, please take a few seconds to register with us, as this way we can confirm your purchase and offer you the upgraded files and support you require. It will also be great for us to hear your thoughts on the products, how you use them, and what ideas you think would make them that little bit more perfect.

Also, please share some photos/videos with us, and if anyone is up for contributing some stories or articles for the blog, just drop me a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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