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Top Drawer controller for your Ableton Live Session.

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TrakProDJ v1.1

DJing with Traktor never felt so good. Totally integrated. TrakProDJ v1.1 Rocks it !!!

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xMix - Logic Edition

xMix-Logic Edition for Logic Pro 9.The first in the xMix series of dedicated DAW Controllers.

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Got an Access Virus, then you should get you hands on VTI Pro for maximum control

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TrakProDJ v1.1

We have recently finalized a major update for TrakProDJ. The main enhancements are a new browse facility to choose and load tracks straight from the app. Total Integration is now fully working, bi-directional midi, so the screen updates in harmony with Traktor. Also, check out the VU track meters, which really push the experience onto the device..

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